Bases in Statistical Analyses with R

Computer science, GIS and modeling
Data analysis is omnipresent in the research work. Unfortunately, poor design of an experiment or poor analysis of data can lead to the absence of interpretable results or to erroneous conclusions. Understanding the basic concepts of statistics is essential for the effective leading of a research project. Associated with this, the use of the R software allows simple, rapid and reproducible analyzes.


Operational objectives:

  • You will be able to distinguish different types of variables and their distributions and identify the relationships between variables
  • You will be able to explore, describe and visualize your data with R
  • You will be qualified to apply basic statistical tests with R
  • You will guarantee the traceability and reproducibility of the analyzes
  • You will design experimental or sampling plans in dialogue with a statistician


This workshop is for students (Bachelor’s degree+ 2 years), technicians (Bachelor’s degree + 2 years), engineers or researchers wishing to acquire the bases in data analysis with R, for a practical use afterwards.

CIRAD cannot provide study grants. If you wish to request a grant, submit an application as soon as possible to national authorities in charge of livestock and/or scholarships; Cooperation and Cultural Action Services (SCAC) of your local French Embassy; the embassies of other countries; international organizations (FAO, UNDP, EU, IAEA, IDB ...); development projects or NGOs.

Applications, consisting of a detailed resume, a motivation letter and details about the organization managing your grant, must be sent by email to .


Delivered in French and English upon request.


  • Courses: Theoretical presentations in PowerPoint, alternating with practical work with R, with simulated or real datasets and pre-established R scripts, to gain autonomy
  • Training at CIRAD in Montpellier (France) (campus international de Baillarguet)
  • Itinerant training by invitation: Support of the travel expenses, accommodation and expertise of the trainer(s) by the host organization with provision of a room equipped with computers for at least 1 student out of 2.

This training is on a full-time week.


S. Thévenon - UMR INTERTRYP, Cirad/IRD


Know how to manipulate files in Excel.

Ideally, have a set of data to analyze or have an experience to plan or in progress, for a short-term analysis.

Teaching materials

Présentations théoriques en powerpoint, en alternance avec des travaux pratiques dirigés sur ordinateur de manipulation de l’outil R, avec des jeux de données simulés ou réels et des scripts R préétablis

Mise à disposition d’une salle équipée d’au moins un ordinateur pour 2 participants.